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Roof-space Conversions

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Roof-space Conversions

Roofspace Conversions Belfast Bangor Holywood County Down and Antrim

Unless the Power of your Attic

Unleash the unique power of a Roof-space Conversion today. Transform space that has never seen the light of day. James can transform your dark dusty water tanks & rubbish into low energy luxury living space. 

Our roof-space conversions are made with Passive House components 

Roofspace Conversions. 

James also offer’s Suspended Ceilings, Partition Walls & High Specification Dry Wall. He Covers Greater Belfast, Bangor, Holywood, Lisburn, Finaghy, Malone, Newtownards, Donaghadee, Comber. 

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Statutory Building Regulations apply to Roof-space Conversions where there is structural change, even new flooring. “Habitable use” is generally taken to mean a room intended for use as a dwelling that is big enough to stand up and lie down in (excluding bathroom).

Check here if your Ceiling Joists will be Strong enough as floor Joists using This Table 

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O U R – K E Y – C O N C E P T is providing; High Specification Building Solutions at an affordable price. “Passive House” is the international standard for low energy which keeps saving you money for the years to come. 

Roofspace Conversions and Buildings generally have become less efficient over the decades. As they have become larger and the families leave the house during the day to pursue outside activities, and as natural light and ventilation are minimized in favor of central air conditioning and electrical appliances. Our Roofspace Conversions use new technologies that optimize natural energy resources for what we call a net zero energy house design.

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