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Chimney Repairs Precast Crowns Belfast Bangor Builders Roofers

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Chimney Repairs Precast Crowns Belfast Bangor Builders Roofers Chimney Repairs Precast Crowns Belfast Bangor Builders Roofers  Chimney Repairs Precast Crowns Belfast Bangor Builders Roofers

Repairs & Coatings

We Supply top Quality Chimney Materials, Mortars, Slurry Coatings, Epoxy Resins Acids & Chemical Solutions to Restore and Protect your Chimney from whatever gets thrown at it while maintaining its appearance and style. If you have concerns about your chimney please send a few pictures defining your problem to and we will try our best to help.

Chimney Repairs & Coatings

Chimney repairs can often be required when a house is only a few years old.  Because Chimneys are generally the last things to be built they can often become a victim of Project Cost Cutting for example;  Using common site mortar to bed the Chimney Pots and omitting a Protective Pre-Cast Concrete Crown being two classic examples. If your Chimney doesn’t have a concrete Crown one should seriously consider getting one fitted retrospectively.

Diagnosing Chimney Problems Belfast

If you have any damp/condensation issues you think maybe connected to your chimney please try to think it through and don’t go for the easiest or most popular solution. Make sure and get any issue’s checked and evaluated by a Proper Expert with a proper Photographic Survey not a “free estimate” from “a builder” like the people in the job below at Richill Park off the Sandown Road in Belfast.

Your Cap/Crown takes more abuse than any roof, so it is Crucial to keep them in good condition. Weak mortar helps to accelerates erosion. Lack of cement in the exaggerates exposure to hail, freezing driving wind, rain and also the baking sun.

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                                           Broad Band = Death of the Arial & Satellite Dish?                                                                                                                                     A Major liability for any chimney is having a TV Arial attached to it. I do a lot of work in Finaghy & Andersonstown where there is a lot of the old RTE Arial’s which are generally heavier and taller and therefore increase the stress on your chimney. People have no real Idea how much strain this puts on their Chimney but on a few stormy days a year these Arial’s can pull the top few course of a chimney apart even though it may be in relatively good condition. Most people now have Broadband and if this is the case there is no good reason for having an Arial destroying your Chimney. I often get called to jobs in Sicily Park, Locksley Park etc of the Lisburn Road Finaghy to repair Chimney’s that have been damaged or destroyed by an Arial owned by the Next door neighbor on a shared Chimney. Big problem is if I tell the customer what the real cause of the problem I risk starting world War three.        Please Take my advice Especially if you have Broadband) and try to “Lose the Arial” 

Chimney Repair Solutions Generally if the damage isn’t too severe, a repair to the top of the chimney can be made by general brickwork repairs and the application of a new Crown’ Cap from a Cement based Professional Slurry Coating. This protects the chimney and acts like a umbrella by shedding rain water from the top of the chimney stopping water penetration through the chimney crown. Secondary water entry, through the facing brick of the chimney, can be stopped by re pointing the chimney’s facing brick.     




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Extreme Temps from Icy Gales to Baking Sun

Chimney Repairs invariably include the Cap or Crown. It is generally more exposed above the ridge line to the full range of Extreme Weathers . You normally cannot see your Chimney Crown, but is the most important part of your chimney which protects everything below it.

Chimney Crown, Cap

Your Chimney Crown/Cap is the most exposed part of your home and it protects your chimney and home from water infiltration. It must take the full force and fury of the elements which is why many chimney Crowns, Caps generally crack within the first couple of years of service. Improper maintenance of the chimney crown allows serious damage to chimneys every year. Because your chimney crown is hard to see. You should not neglect its’ maintenance. For it can ultimately cost you thousands in unnecessary repair bills.

What problems can they cause?

A Cracked Chimney Crown allows water into the chimney body. Over time the crack widens. This allows more and more water to enter the chimney. Eventually the water freezes and expands and damages the fabric of the Chimney. Eventually the retained water will become more than what is evaporating. This causes serious degradation. First with discoloration of the top brick courses. It causes spalling, chipping and flaking of the bricks. Eventually moss and dark mold appears on the top of the chimney too. Plants and even trees then begin to grow.

Chimney Repair solutions include.

Chimney Diagnostics & Solutions

Chimney Recapping & Repairs

Chimney Demolition / Removal

Chimney pointing & Repointing

Chimney Pot Replacement & Repair

Chimney Structural repairs

Chimney Pot Replacement & Repair

Chimney Flashing Renewal & Repair

Chimney brickwork restoration & repair.

Damp areas on chimney breasts may signify ventilation problems or worse

if you identify a problem get it checked sooner rather than later by ringing

me on 07401088868 – You can also email photos etc to

We also repair Concrete Window Sills