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Stormdamage Insurance Repairs

Stormdamage has been our speciality since the great storm of 1987. We carry out Stormdamage Emergency repairs in Belfast, Bangor, Holywood, Lisburn, Finaghy, Newtownabbey. S Antrim & N Down

Special May Day Madness offer 

Expert Minor repairs up to 1/2 day labour (including Roof repair) £175.00 

Stormdamage Belfast Bangor North Down South Antrim

24 Emergency Stormdamage Repairs 07401 088 868

Minor Stormdamage Repairs

Special May Day Madness offer 

Expert Minor repairs up to 1/2 day labour (including Roof repair) £175.00 

All Types of Storm damage Roof Repairs. Slates, Tiles Pitched or Flat Roof Types.

Belfast Roofers

High Wind damage Repairs, Flashings & Gutterings

Velux & Dormer Low Energy Attic Loft Roof Space Conversions.

Luxury Low-Energy Living Space can be yours .

P R E D I C T I V E – P R E V E N T A T I V E – P R O A C T I V E – M A I N T E N A N C E – I N C L ;

Specialist Inspection with Photographic Report & Advice.

There are many ways your roof can be improved, many products that can protect, enhance and prevent future damage or water ingress.

Gutters should be Cleaned & Checked regularly, Minor defects should be made.

B E L F A S T – B U I L D I N G & R O O F I N G.

Greater Belfast Bangor North Down South Antrim
Storm Damage & How to avoid it.

Storm damage is a common problem each year affecting thousands of homes with powerful gales of 80mph plus with and 20mm of rainfall causing risk to life and damage to property and widespread chaos.

You can take some logical steps to protect your home and hopefully the following steps should help you to be prepared, especially over the Winter months.

Check your Stormage Insurance cover

In most instances your home insurance will provide protection against the costs associated with repairs to your home following storm damage but review your cover regularly and check it’s up to date. I would check also your policy covers rebuilding, not just market value. 

If your policy excludes certain types of storm damage such as damage to fences, etc I myself wouldn’t worry as I would only claim for major damages. In my experience most modern claims of say a few hundred pounds will cost you more money in increased premiums in the following few years after a claim.

When reviewing your policy you should also consider:

Pro Active maintenance helps a lot. 

  • Roof – Fix loose or damaged Roofing Slates, Roofing Tiles and especial Ridge & Hip Tiles, Loose or damaged lead flashing, dangerous or defective chimneys, loose television satellites or aerials, remove any debris from your roof.
  • Structure – Check and identify faults & repair defective Brickwork.
  • Windows/Doors – Secure windows to withstand strong windows, fix loose fastenings and locks, consider fitting internal shutters.
  • Gardens – Secure loose covering on sheds, remove weak tree branches, weak roots, repair loose fences, gates or walls, secure free standing garden furniture, ornaments and children’s toys (e.g. trampolines)

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