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Home Extensions.

The dreaded conservatory

Certain Builders may talk you into a Conservatory which doesn’t require Building Control to

inspect its foundations. Especially if your house is on a slope or surrounded by in fill.

Alway remember that a sound foundation is key to any project.

Building Home Extensions is our speciality.

Our Key aim is creating new relationships delivering quality projects on time and on budget. 

We begin each home extension by listening to your vision then  offering you the benefit of our

years of experience. This helps ensure your home extension won’t come with unexpected


A Home Extension or major Alteration can Extend your living space.

It also adds value to your home. 

Home Extensions are one of the most effective ways to improve your standard of living.

But also avoids the hassle of moving.

It will allow you to stay in the neighbourhood you have grown to love.

Our high quality family living space includes, 

  • Wall Hung Toilets,
  • Concealed Cisterns, 
  • high spec Drywall Ceilings

We always use the highest quality local materials to change your dreams into reality. 

                                Home Extensions Keep your neighbors in the Loop.

Communication with all stakeholders is key when building a home extension. This includes Neighbours, Builders, Planners, Building Control and more. Communication is key to extending any home. Even family members should be included as much as possible at all stages.

Your Neighbour(s) are extremely important stakeholders. Your Neighbours consent or objection can profoundly impact your project. Tell your Neighbour’s about your plans. Tell them before your application goes in. Make sure they are not told by the Planning Office. Most people react negatively to this.  

Keeping in with neighbors is key – but it’s really just about keeping them informed and getting as much project advice as possible.




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Home Extensions generally cost approx £1,200.00/M² to build. We serve Belfast, Bangor Holywood, Helens Bay and all North Down. But also Lisburn, Finaghy, Malone & South Antrim.

We have photographic references going back 30 Years.

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Home Extensions Dating from 80’s  

Kitchen – Extensions   Bedroom Extensions
55 Ashleigh Gardens  19 Ardmillan Gardens
7 Marlboro Gardens  7 Grange Road
6 Wellington Gardens  9 Jamesmount
70 Beverly Gardens  22 Jamesmount
53 Killaire Park  53 Killaire Park
   38 Lynne Road
  Porch Extension.
  10 Massey Ave Belfast BT4 2JX

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