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Porch 10 Massey Park Belfast BT4 2JX

Porch East Belfast

Building one is normally exempt building Control approval. Providing any glazing and any fixed electrical installations comply with the appropriate building regulations. It is is normally exempt from building regulations approval if the front entrance door between the existing house and the new porch remain in place and also if the house has ramped or level access for disabled people, the new build must not adversely affect this access.

This build at 10 Massey Park Belfast replaced a badly built Conservatory acting as a porch which was falling away from the main House and restored the houses integrity.

Project Advice for a Porch? 

Conservatories do not require Building Control on their Foundations. Because of this the Conservatory was falling away from the house. From the Video you can clearly see the depth of the Foundation we poured. It is painfully clear the Conservatory was built to avoid the necessary excavation and do a quick job. Please don’t fall into the same trap.



Porch Extension Builders Belfast Bangor

Deeper Solid Foundation.

Porch Extension Builders Belfast Bangor

Building on a firm Foundation.

Porch Extension Builders Belfast Bangor

Build a firm Foundation

Budgeting Porch Cost?

Prices range from a couple of thousand for a UPVC porch up to £10,000 for one similar to above. Other types include traditional-style porches such as Victorian and Edwardian. The cost will vary with the material used a brick porch tends to be priced at £2,200 to £7,500.

It’s size is an important factor, as with planning permission regulations, a porch should be no larger than 3 square metres, although many people do opt for ones that are 6 or 9 square metres (usually for the rear of their property)

In summary the design should be in keeping with your house type and should also enhance its aesthetic. Look naturally integrated and come in within Budget.




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