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Property Repairs and Maintenance

Property Repairs and Maintenance.

Property Repairs & Building Maintenance in Belfast and North Down

Property Repairs Belfast Bangor Holywood.


Property Repairs by Belfast Building & Roofing are integrated with our Building and Roofing services, we are also a premier Belfast property maintenance services provider.We believe in providing quality and reliable building maintenance Belfast services all year round. That is the exact approach that we take. Our focus is on creating safe and clean working environments for our clients and our Belfast building maintenance services are the perfect complement.

Extensive knowledge

With our extensive knowledge in property maintenance services and building Maintenance in Belfast, we help keep all types of Properties in top shape. Some of our general Belfast & North Down property maintenance services include:

Chimney Repairs & Coatings

Our Belfast property maintenance services also cover exterior structures, such as Chimneys and protective coatings and finishes for top Quality Chimney Materials, Mortars, Slurry Coatings, Epoxy Resins Acids & Chemical Solutions to Restore and Protect your Chimney Stack from whatever is thrown at it while maintaining its appearance and style. If you have any concerns about your chimney please contact us for a free no obligation quote more info on Chimney repairs here.                                 

Concrete Repairs & Sill Repairs


  • Boiler and hot water tank problems

17% of properties in the UK private renting sector have had heating complications. Being left without hot water or heating especially in the morning is not the best. Making sure you maintain regular boiler and water tank checks whether you’re a landlord or the homeowner. Prevention is better than cure!

  • Water Leaks and drips

Nothing is more annoying than the sound of a dripping tap or realising you have a massive water leak in the middle of the night. As soon as you spot or are told about a leak, it should be attended to asap otherwise it could lead into more serious problems like the whole ceiling needing to be redone!

  • Toilet and plumbing issues

21% of properties in the UK private renting sector have experienced plumbing issues. Blocked toilets are the most popular bathroom problems. Especially if there is only one toilet in the house! As well as being blocked you can also get syphon issues, which can only be fixed by a plumber.To save a costly emergency call out, look after your toilet!

  • Damp and Mould

We spend on average 90% of our time indoors. In recent years our Workplaces, Schools and Homes have become Air Tight. Because our living spaces are more thermally efficient, Ventilation is a Key Component to modern healthy living. 32% of properties in the UK private renting sector have experienced damp and mould problems. Damp if left can be a very serious problem both for the property and for people’s health. Don’t pretend live healthily and Make 100% sure you have enough Ventilation.

  • Pests and Rodents

Infestations can occur in any property but more-so in ones that are not clean or have a good amount of damp. Be sure to search for any entrances pests like ants can get in through, removing this access can prevent infestations.