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Bangor Roof gardens.

The Plants of Bangor Seafront

Bangor has more observations from High Street Bangor

Betty Blacks paid for Window Box’s but next doors were free. 

Bangor Builders Roof Gardens
Even McKeown’s Iconic Fishmongers Shop is getting in on it. 
Bangor Builders Roof Gardens
Toal’s is sticking with the old Buddleia look.
Bangor Builders

The Roof Top Gardens of Francis Street


Bangor Seafront and the elevated greenery or Francis Street Newtownards please send any pics to – 

Having worked on many roofs in Bangor Town Centre Newtownards I kind of assumed that Bangor Seafront had the edge as far as Roof Gardens go but as I regularly go to Ards I have noticed recently that they too have a few gems. All anyone really has to do is take a stroll down Francis Street…(and look up of course) I just came out of the Barbers today and found this beauty across the road. Note the natural back drop giving it extra depth.  

Bangor Newtownards Frances Street, Newtownards, Down, BT23 7DX Roofers Builders Ceiling Fixers Bangor Belfast Holywood  Helens Bay

These chimneys also on Francis street use a more restrained theme yet the added variety of this particular one gives it a more rounded overall depth.

Frances Street, Newtownards, BT23 7DX Chimneys Roofers Builders Bangor Belfast Holywood  Helens Bay

 This Chimney only a few yards away has gone for the 

“Mountain with a tree growing out of its shoulder look”

which is simple yet quite effective.

Ards Main Street

Someone recently tried to imply there was more Craic in Ards?

But even though my Father was born in William Street Ards.

I must say I would find that statement intellectually flawed.

Frances Street, Newtownards, Down, BT23 7DX Chimneys Roofers Builders Bangor Belfast Holywood  Helens Bay

But less than 5 Miles down the road we can see some real big hitters here on Bangor Sea Front and you can clearly see we are moving up in class with this formidable display of the “Desert Island Tidal Turf” look which is very much in at the moment “or is it out”? Its certainly very current (Strong current?)

Roofers Builders Ceiling Repairs Belfast Newtownards Holywood Helens Bay

The long Beard effect is achieved by the torrents of rain cascading off the back of this Bangor Seafront haunted house.. (I wonder does the gutter need cleaned?) But top marks must go to this…..

 Buddleja davidii on Bangor Seafront

Buddleja davidii (spelling variant Buddleia davidii), also called summer lilacbutterfly-bush, or orange eye, a flowering plant from central China, and also Japan. So this one seems to have come via China and probably through a hundred Pigeons before the one who ate it on Southwell Road and later “planted” it here in this very gutter to be nourished by its winged mentors daily. Ipeak shape and form in Aug this decadent context convey drama and tragedy steeped in irony beside temporary metal box’s paid for by the people of Bangor replete with bored Artists looking for something to paint.  


Queens Parade, Bangor, Down, BT20 3BH Roofers Builders Ceiling Repair Belfast Holywood Helens Bay

This picture of Queens parade lays out a much fuller context of the story of Bangor Seafront than any whitewash ever written in the Bangor Spectacular. Below we can see the same Buddleja in context with one of these “Box’s” “Project 24” “Art never sleeps” In reality – “Nature never Sleeps”

Queens Parade, Bangor, Down, BT20 3BH Bangor Seafront Belfast Builders Roofers Ceiling Repairs.


We’re all hoping for a revival. like these Palm trees which had clearly been through a few local pigeons then imprisoned in this seafront gutter before being rescued by

Belfast Builders Roofers

a local builder (seen below in the back of his van) and taken to new home in White-spots. 

(A mates Garden) gives hope to us all 🙂

Roof Conversions Palm Trees Belfast Bangor

As you can see here below, most of these Cordyline Palms have now found a

new happy home in part of Kyle Wilkinson’s(KW Coach-Finish) Garden at

White Spots were Kyle runs a Sanctuary for Homeless or Sexually Abused plants.  












Here’s a nice Bramble Plant on Holborn Avenue off High Street Bangor. I wonder (since most species are hermaphrodites) will we be able to make some Jam soon?

 Holborn Avenue, Bangor, Down, BT20 5ET Roofers Builders Ceilings Helensbay Holywood Newtownards Bangor Belfast

 Holborn Avenue, Bangor, Down, BT20 5ET Roofers Builders Ceilings Belfast

Hey look there’s the Ferry! No wait a minute the guttering has been replaced, No wait a minute the Bramble has been removed Crikey they are really prickly that must have been a big job – must have used scaffold for that one? OK so what about this amazing pic from the back of a “House”(for want of a better word) on Holborn Ave Bangor Co Down – just in today 10th Oct 2014. This was taken from the roof of house next door. I will try and get another couple to get a better idea of whats really going on.

 Holborn Avenue, Bangor, Down, BT20 5ET Roofs Roofers Repairs Ceilings Newtownards Donaghadee

 Holborn Avenue, Bangor, Down, BT20 5ET Builders Roofers Ceilings Belfast


Hard to believe this is Holborn Ave?


At Bangor Seafront Development we find the aptly named “King Street” in all its glory. We can clearly see that these guys don’t need Sunbeds to thrive.  

KING STREET, BANGOR BT20 3AH Holywood Helens Bay Belfast Roofers Builders  Ceilings

This is becoming a cake walk for Bangor

There was some big Newtownard’s talk about plants growing up through houses in Court Street Newtownard’s but nothing Materializing yet? Actually talking about Cake there’s a nice Coffee Shop a few yards from here? what’s this they call it?KING STREET, BANGOR BT20 3AH Roofers Builders Holywood Belfast Helens Bay Newtownards


Hey this came via email without a name. Well at least it puts Holwood on the Holywood Roofers Garden Map

Holywood, County Down, BT18 9LY Roofers Builders Ceiling Repairs Holywood Belfast Helens Bay Newtownards

And this other one was sent from basically across the road. What is it with Tanning Studios and roof plants? 🙂  Keep em coming – still no sign of any Roof Plants of Court Street from the big talking Newtownard’s poster! (Make that Boaster)

 Holywood, County Down, BT18 9LY Builders Roofers Ceiling Repairs Belfast Bangor Helens bay


Here’s another couple of offering from just off Holywood Main Street 

Holywood, County Down, BT18 9LY Newtownards Bangor Roofers Builders Ceiling Repairs Belfast Helens Bay


Holywood, County Down, BT18 9LY Newtownards Bangor Roofers Roofing Belfast Building & Roofing


King Street, Bangor

Below we can see a long shot of King Street, Bangor and how

they seem to have nailed the new “Ex-Soviet Border Town look” 

KING STREET, BANGOR BT20 3AH Holywood Builders Roofers  Belfast Bangor

 Belfast Ravenhill Park Garden’s

And here comes Belfast as we see this Ash Tree growing away on this  from this Chimney in Ravenhill Park Gardens.

Ravenhill Hill Park Holwood Builders


The Penguin King Street Bangor 


Funky Penguin KING STREET, BANGOR BT20 3AH Builders Roofers Ceilings Belfast Holywood Helensbay

Francis Street Newtownards end of days look.

Frances Street, Newtownards, Down, BT23 7DX Builders Roofers Ceiling Roof Repairs Belfast Bangor Newtownards

Frances Street, Newtownards, Down, BT23 7DX Builders Roofers Roof Repairs Ceiling Repairs Belfast Bangor Newtownards Holywood.

It’s actually the Bangor side of  Francis Street but what about this couple of  totally amazing pics from Mr Kane in Ards? Is this a possible winner? Certainly has that End  of days – Ebola / Disaster / Back to nature vibe about it. Certainly a bit of class. 🙂

 Newtownards BangorBelfast Roofers Builders

This Bangor Marina shot has gotta be in the same ball park?
And what about this Bangor Pic? Any one know where this was taken? 












This one too – Just another North Down Derelict.

Belfast Bangor Painters Decorators Builders Ceilings















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Felt v Butyl Rubber/EPDM?

Flat Roofers & Repairs

Felt on left Butyl Rubber on Right

flat roofers Belfast Bangor North Down Antrim

Specialist Flat Roofers

As Flat Roofers we always try to stress that (Summer) Flat Roof Maintenance is more important than Slate or Tile Roofing and will dramatically increase the life of any Flat Roof(in reasonable condition) at minimal cost. 

Most people know Gutters should be Cleaned, Checked & and any Minor Repairs (Pointing Etc) made good etc.

But when thinking ahead with Flat Roofing there are many ways your Flat Roof can be improved through predictive preventive maintenance, many products including bitumen based paints etc may be added to your flat roof at all stages of its life which can protect, enhance and dramatically increase its life span, while preventing damage from water ingress.

Flat Roofers Inspection & Photographic ReportAdvice.

Ring 07401 088 868

James G Mulvenna

Flat Roofers Claims

Most of the Flat Roofers claims about Flat Roof coverings are similar  

to the dieting business, there’s always the next big thing

with lots of impressive claims until you look a bit closer and

it starts to get a little more complicated, there’s always big headlines

with little to back them up except selective comparisons often out of


Felt Roofing 

In the 70’s Felt Roofing consisted mainly of boiling bitumen in Boilers

before pouring it on decking via watering can’s etc while rolling and

fitting the felt accordingly before the Bitumen Cooled. This

was quite a major procedure especially in Northern Ireland and its

very changeable Weather. The introduction of Torch on Felts however

has reversed the decline of Felt Roofing and in my opinion Torch on

Felt with Bitumen Based Aluminium Paint is a superior product to

Butyl & EPDM in many ways.

Although Torch-on Felt Roofing is much easier than its predecessor it

is still a more skilled job than Butyl or EPDM.

The reason Butyl became Popular in N Ireland was mainly because the

NIHE began issuing grants on Butyl. Not because it was a better

product than Felt but because it was a single piece of rubber it

was harder to “make a mess” of it. IMO Felt was better back then and

is still better Today. But it must be done right.  

A Typical claim.

Butyl is slightly more expensive than EPDM It is also important to remember that both Butyl and EPDM come in sheets made to order. Some Flat Roofers “pretend” not to or simply don’t know this and lead people to believe that EPDM comes in liquid form only. I have tried the liquid form of EPDM and found it is problematic with the Northern Ireland Climate and is prone to blistering and cracking. If someone requests a rubber roofing sheet installed on new decking and don’t specify which type I will generally quote for EPDM simply because it is cheaper and more logical in competitive tendering not because it is somehow better for Flat Roofs. Often people ordering Butyl are given EPDM as they cannot tell the difference.     

flat roofers Repairs Bangor Belfast Holywood Saint Brendans Church Sydenham Belfast Bangor

James G Mulvenna Torch on Felt Roofing Saint Brendans Church Sydenham Belfast


Of course there are plenty of Flat Roofers claiming X, Y & Z.

But it would be fair to say EPDM is slightly Cheaper (Handier

and Easier) than felt (Especially in the Winter months) This

doesn’t make it a better product which its not. Generalising

and comparing  EPDM with felt is misleading as (for start)

EPDM is thinner(1mm – 1.5mm) and generally less

expensive than felt and is generally used as single layer. Felt

is normally multi layered and up to half an inch thick. So

you could in most cases stick a hatchet into it and it

probably still won’t leak, whereas EPDM is much more



Felt Roofing Generally hits Rubber Roofing out of the Park.

James G Mulvenna 

 English Test . net 

Comparing English with other Languages?


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