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Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings & Partitions  

Belfast Building & Roofing offer Thermal and Acoustic Suspended Ceilings & Partitions: For Belfast, Bangor, Holywood, Newtownards, Donaghadee and  throughout Northern Ireland.

We have 25 years experience in dry lining, partitioning integrated building solutions. This modern type of ceiling is Drylined and have many advantages over older types of construction. Speed and the lack of water used being only two. 

Using this knowledge and experience we undertake Office fit-outs, Sound

studios, Shop-fitting and both Commercial and Residential refurbishments.

We deliver premier projects of the highest standard and pride ourselves in

delivering high quality within time and budget. We are able to carry out

contracts all over UK & Ireland. 

 Suspended Ceilings Advantages  

Acoustics is a big advantage of Suspended Ceilings and Acoustics in

Suspended ceilings has improved dramatically over the years, with enhanced

sound absorption.

Suspended Ceiling Improve environmental quality.  

Including ventilation,

Lighting and thermal control,

Thermal comfort,

Use of daylight for natural illumination


 Energy efficiency,

A common measure of the light reflectance of a ceiling material is

ASTM E 1477 for Light Reflectance (LR-1). A level of about 75% is

considered good, although higher levels are more likely.

Integration with infrastructure

Integration with Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing Services (MEP) is important

with Suspended Ceilings. Most of these systems are by definition above the

ceiling. Fortunately, most ceiling systems products are now designed with this

integration in mind. Decisions here can also affect aesthetics, access and

maintenance. With 45 KG Rock-wool we offer high quality Acoustic Solutions 

while also providing exceptional thermal resistance for the Thermal Element.  


Dropped ceilings have an improved return over investment (ROI) over open ceilings and are over all a more manageable solution.

Suspended(Dropped)Ceilings Wiki  

Misc Previous include:


Suspended Insulated Ceiling

Church Road Holywood

Suspended Ceilings Repairs Partition Walls Belfast Bangor Newtownrds Holywood Doaghadee Helens Bay

Insulated Vaulted Ceilings Before

Southwell Road Bangor BT203AE

Suspended Ceilings Repairs Partition Walls Belfast Bangor Newtownrds Holywood Doaghadee Helens Bay

Split level apartment Ceiling

Upper Lisburn Rd Finaghy Belfast BT10 OLG


Suspended Ceilings Repairs Partition Walls Belfast Bangor Newtownrds Holywood Doaghadee Helens Bay
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Chimney Repairs

 Chimney Repair


Belfast Building & Roofing

Chimneys are generally ‘out of sight, out of mind’ but remain a fundamental part of any home. Your Chimneys condition has various implications to your home from Damp and Condensation to serious Structural and Health & Safety issues.

Neglected chimneys are a potential accident.

Brickwork can become a deadly weapon in extreme weather conditions. We therefore  promote pro active maintenance above reactive maintenance.

The most common Chimney repair is cracked, fractured & eroded caps.

If neglected open cracks will hasten the onset of more serious problems such as instability, water penetration and even disintegration. If caught in time, all that may be required to fix this and prevent further deterioration is a spot of localised primer and slurry coating.

Your Chimney is Punished by Icy Gales and the Baking Sun

Because of this its Cap or Crown is Exposed to the full range of Extreme Weathers above the ridge-line. You generally cannot see your Chimney Crown, but it is the most important part of your chimney designed for the protection of your chimney shell from water ingress. It is also the most exposed area of your home, it has to take the full force and fury of the constant exposure to the elements, the chimney crown often cracks shortly after construction usually within the first year of service.

Improper maintenance of the chimney crown causes serious damage to chimneys every year. Remember just because your chimney crown is hard to see or hard to get to, doesn’t mean you should neglect its’ maintenance, which can ultimately cost you thousands in unnecessary repair bills if you ignore it.

What problems can they cause?

A cracked chimney crown let’s water into the chimney body. Over time the crack widens letting more and more water enter the chimney. Eventually the retained water becomes more than what is evaporated and degradation begins. First with discolouration of the top brick courses with spalling, chipping and flaking of the bricks. With stone chimney’s moss and dark mold appears on the top of the chimney too. 

If the damage isn’t severe, a repair to the top of the chimney can be made by general brickwork repairs and the application of a Cement based Crown Slurry Sealer  to the crown. This protects the chimney and acts like a umbrella by shedding rain water from the top of the chimney stopping water penetration through the chimney crown. Secondary water entry, through the facing brick of the chimney, can be stopped with an acrylic-based clear masonry sealer to the chimney’s facing brick.

Materials, Mortars, Slurry Coatings and Chemical Solutions

We can Restore and Protect your Chimney Stack from whatever is thrown at it while maintaining its appearance and style. 

If you have any concerns about your chimney please contact us for a free no obligation quote.  

Chimney Repair solutions include. 

Chimney Diagnostics & Solutions Chimney Recapping & Repairs
Chimney Demolition / Removal Chimney Pointing and Repointing
Chimney Structural repairs Chimney Pot Replacement & Repair
Chimney Flashing Renewal & Repair Chimney brickwork restoration & repair.

Damp chimney breasts may signify ventilation problems.

If you identify a problem get it checked sooner rather than later by ringing

me on 07401088868 – You can also email photos etc to

Chimney repairs & Removal… Well actually this isn’t.. sorry wasn’t a Chimney. It was originally a lantern roof on a Methodist Church which later became Brethern and was(after being destroyed by the ravages of time) no longer required.  
Chimney Repairs Flashing Pointed Removal Bangor Co Down Belfast
This one is situated on the corner of Killaire Park Bangor and the Crawfordsburn Road. Chimneys Pointed Lead Flashings Belfast Bangor
The cap and flaunching
take most abuse 
on any Chimney so its
important to keep
them in good condition.
Chimney Repair Belfast Bangor Holywood Newtownards Builders Roofers

Moss Covered Flaunching around Chimney

This flaunching used
rather weak mortar
which has accelerated
Chimney Repair Belfast Bangor Holywood Newtownards Builders Roofers

Chmney errosion

Lack of cement in the
flaunching mortar
exaggerates exposure
to hail, freezing driving
wind, rain and also
the baking sun. This
chimney beside Ulster
Rugbys Ground at
Ravenhill Park Gardens
is surrounded by trees
which given the “open”
condition of the mortar
lets nature do the rest.       
Chimney Repair Belfast Bangor Holywood Newtownards Builders Roofers

Ulster Rugby Ground Ravenhill

On this particular repair the whole chimney was cleaned of moss mechanically, burnt by blow lamp and soaked in nitric acid.

All structural problems were then primed and repaired before a new stronger coat of flaunching applied and then sealed.


Chimney repair Ravenhill Park Gardens

Why do people still insist on putting flues through roofs

when they can put them

through the wall.

Is it because they “Want trouble”?

Chimney Repairs Flashing Pointed Removal Bangor Co Down Belfast
3 Primacy Road, Bangor BT19 7PQ

“Just a nice little cottage style Chimney Repair at the old school house primacy road Bangor.”

Chimney Repairs Flashing Pointed Removal Bangor Co Down Belfast
 Its now a day Nursery.
Chimney Repairs Flashing Pointed Removal Bangor Co Down Belfast
Chimney Repair Builders Roofers Belfast Bangor Finaghy

Shane’s Castle Chimney

Chimney Repairs Flashing Pointing Bangor Belfast Holywood Newtownards
Chimney Repairs
often require a visit to….

Davey Hunters Salvage yard.   

3-5 Dalton Street, Belfast, BT5 4BA

Davey Hunters Salvage yard.  3-5 Dalton Street, Belfast, BT5 4BA
Removing chimneys

Can lead to damp roblems. This Chimney was reflaunched, pointed, its cap sealed and most of its vent holes closed to alleviate the problems below. 

 Goliath Crane Bangor Belfast Roofers Builders Short Strand


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